A way towards Home Health Aide

Home health aide is a professional and a certified caretaker for the prolonged ill people under the observation and the directions of a nurse. The person chose to look after the sick people, who are not admitted or cannot afford any hospital or institution, at their homes under the advice of the doctors and the observation of a nurse. The job includes taking care of the patient, giving him medics from time to time, keeping his vitals in check or helping him to go to the bathroom. Informing the doctor about any improvements in the health or any Detroit in the condition.

A way towards Home Health Aide

The person doing the job as a home health aide has to go through a course to learn and acquire some necessary skills, the home health aide course. As per the job description, home health aide’s first and the foremost responsibility is to administer the medication which includes tablets and injections as well so the home health aides are required to pass a state-regulated training certificate course before working with patients. This course teaches all the required skills from administering medicine to doing the personal care and housekeeping tasks for the patients.

These courses and training are available online also. The programs and the courses differ from state to state, and the work may vary by the employer, but all the trainees require to reach a 16 hours training with the compulsion f passing a competency exam. The health home aide training online is as efficient as in a regular course, all it requires is passion, hard work, and dedication. A home health aide can also try and become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), for which the requirement is to complete 75 hours of training along with passing a comprehensive home health exam.

The process to achieve the home health aide certification is by completing the required yearlong home health aide certificate programs which are typically offered by certain community colleges. Students are taught the basic skill care for patients involving life care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and moreover the needed medical terminology. Students graduating will get certification as per the rules of the state.

Home health aide courses are not as easy as they sound. Even though the graduates are not equal to the certified nurses’ job, they are no less. For the people who cannot look out for their ill family member all the time, home health aides are a boon in disguise. Home health aides are an essential part of every health care program.

There are few free home health aide training online courses available for the distance learning students too. One does not need to pay for anything to complete this course, but the catch here is that students get to personally attend the classes and thus do not get the required exposure. A lot of institutes provide the online course along with the home health aide certification as per the state or the country the student hails from.

A home health aide not only does the basic and personal chores for the patient but also has few other important tasks like documenting the daily progress of the patient, any side effects or allergies to any medications, any major issues that the doctor needs to know, and lots more.


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