Home Health Aide : A new Way to Start Your Career in Medical Science

Home health aides have now become the prominent career option over the last few years with people in bulk numbers are heading toward it for establishing their careers. A lot of determination and passion is required to step in this field especially when one has to bring the happiness and care in the life of the elderly, disabled, and sick people. It is clear that a specific training is required for getting into this job profile and one can also opt to learn the art of home health aide training online.

Numbers of the institutes are working worldwide and teaching people the art of home health aides. In European countries, people have opted to enter into the medical science as HHAs and are succeeding with earning in big numbers. The best part about this job profile is that it takes a short span of time to learn it and get expertise in it. With people in bulk numbers are heading towards the jobs in HHAs, we have come with every possible information regarding Home health aides to guide you in choosing it as your career.

Academics Required:

It does not require to get a specific degree to be a home health aides, but one needs to be high school diploma holder and must be of the 18+ age. Numbers of the Institutes of Social Science offers the short course and one can easily join it and start preparing for the short classes provided by a particular institute the candidates needs to go under a specific training program and clear some of the test executed by the institutes itself. Later, the candidate needs to show the practical demonstration of treating the patient in front of certified nurses. These institutes also make candidate learns that how to become a medical records and health information technician.

Skills Required:

An individual looking to go in the field of Home Health Aide needs to be a healthy person and he/she must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. They also have to go for the medical testing of tuberculosis and have to be negative in the test in order to get qualified to be the Home health aides.


A standardize training is conducted by licensed RN of the states in which your lives. The states will also ask a candidate to go for some of the other tests and then, only then will authorize students as Home health aides and will permit them to work with the clients.

Some of the states hire certified health agencies and allow them to provide training to the candidates.


The certification of the HHAs is only provided when the candidate or student have attended the maximum of 75 hours of training and some states will only certify you if you have appeared for 120+ hours of training and possess certain skills. You need to make sure that you get the certification from a well-known institute as most of the client prefers for a certified HHAS.


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